Just the Numbers

In 2015-2016:


Pounds of Trash Removed


Feet of Sidewalks steam cleaned


Public Safety Calls


Clean Calls Completed


Directions Given to Visitors


Meet & Greets with Merchants and Residents

The Civic Center CBD submitted the following narrative and data to the City and County of San Francisco.

Enhanced Safety Services Implemented

Expanding the Services

The CBD’s board members and executive director continued to provide in conjunction with our provider, MJMMG, the daily safety and cleaning services that have been popular since our inception:

  • 7-day-a-week cleaning and graffiti abatement;
  • Daytime community ambassadors, and;
  • Nighttime ambassadors that welcome arts patrons and new residents.

Due to increased assessments revenue generated by new construction, the CBD was able to add services this past year that proved to be beneficial as well:

SF Police 10b Program

The Civic Center CBD partnered with the Central-Market CBD to employ an off-duty police officer to work in our districts part-time through the SFPD’s 10-b program. The officers work with the CCCBD Ambassadors and the CMCBD Community Guides to primarily address quality of life issues within the neighborhood and within the purview of SFPD, such as issuing citations for drinking, trespassing, permit violations, littering, and pedestrian safety infractions.

Civic Center Greeter

In June of 2015, the CBD started an experiment to see if we could impact safety, both real and perceived, by adding one nighttime ambassador dedicated to the entrance and elevator area of the Civic Center Parking Garage.

After two months, The CBD evaluated the program and concluded that it should be continued.

Beautification and Activation

The CBD’s board members and executive director built upon the past successes of the holiday concerts to establish new ways to activate.

Ivy Street Livable Alley

The Civic Center CBD submitted a grant application to make improvements to Ivy Street and was approved for $200,000 to work with the neighbors, business owners and several partners to turn the 200-block into a pedestrian friendly community space. The grant is from the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), and is funded through the Complete Neighborhoods Program (CNP) to fund capital projects.

Summer 2015 Concert Series

The CBD partnered with People in Plazas, MJMMG, and the Recreation and Parks Dept. to present a new summer concert series, for Civic Center Plaza. The concerts were every Wednesday from noon to 1:00 pm. starting from July through October. There were 17 in total.

Holiday Concerts and Activation

The CBD expanded its holiday musical event, “Holiday Fanfare,” on the weekends in December. Spearheaded by the External Affairs Committee, “Holiday Fanfare” was a series of performances meant to activate neighborhood streets and bring holiday cheer to the residents and the thousands of visitors and arts patrons.

Performances included Brass Quintets and Carolers from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Mostly Madrigals, a caroling quartet. Each performance was meant to highlight cultural assets in the neighborhood, from the historic War Memorial Opera House, to the new SFJazz Center. There were 19 concerts in total.

Advocacy and Community Outreach

Coalition Impacts Parking, Transit and Pedestrian Safety

A group of interested parties organized by SFMTA and the Civic Center Community Benefit District has been meeting for several months in an effort to improve the patron experience in the around the SF Performing Arts Center, as it relates to parking and traffic. We have conducted site surveys and consulted with representatives with knowledge about parking, taxi, traffic, garages, arts organizations, evening ambassadors and city administrators.

On most evenings, those without a performance at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, the Civic Center Garage has many available parking spaces and the Performing Arts Garage has few if any spaces. This causes traffic jams, pedestrian hazards and frustration for all even those merely trying to drive past the performing arts buildings on Franklin.

Partnering with Stakeholders

In addition to the various committees, CCCBD staff and board members also worked with important stakeholders in the Civic Center:

  • Supervisor Jane Kim and staff
  • Supervisor London Breed and staff
  • Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development
  • Central Market Partnership
  • CBD/BID Consortium
  • San Francisco Ballet
  • San Francisco Opera
  • San Francisco Symphony
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association
  • Recreation and Parks Staff
  • San Francisco Police Department
  • San Francisco Travel

Website – sfciviccenter.org

The CCCBD continues to update and expand its website, sfciviccenter.org, with information about the CBD, resources, demographics, an enhanced calendar, and deeper integration with its social media.