The Board of Directors is elected by the property owners and stakeholders within the district, a mix of large and small property owners, businesses, district art organizations, governmental, commercial and residential tenants.

They employ an executive director to handle the management and operations for the Civic Center CBD Inc. The current board of directors was installed at the Annual Meeting on June 23, 2016. In this non-election year, the board elected new officers to serve for the 2016-2017 year at the Annual Meeting on June 23, 2016.

Tim Vrabel
Emerald Fund – send email

1st Vice Chair
Ruth Nott
San Francisco Opera

2nd Vice Chair
Bill Whitfield
Shorenstein Realty Services

Jennifer Norris
San Francisco War Memorial

John Updike
San Francisco Real Estate

[cherry_col size_xs=”12″ size_sm=”12″ size_md=”6″ size_lg=”6″] Nathan Brito
San Francisco Ballet

Mary Conde
Another Planet Entertainment

Phil Ginsburg
Dept. of Recreation and Parks

Jim Haas
Resident/Neighborhood Advocate

Jason Kamen
Crescent Heights

[/cherry_col] [cherry_col size_xs=”12″ size_sm=”12″ size_md=”6″ size_lg=”6″] Roberto Lombardi
San Francisco Public Library

Susan McConkey
San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Janan New
San Francisco Apartment Association

Annette Turner
State of California

Patricia Unterman
Hayes Street Grill


Schedule of Board Meetings and agendas and minutes from past meetings.