In order to confirm the location of existing utilities that may have conflicts with the Van Ness BRT construction work, a contractor is conducting Utility Location Excavation through the beginning of March at 30 locations along the Van Ness Avenue corridor between Mission and Lombard streets, weather permitting.

Much of the work will be low impact, including “coring” (removing a cylindrical core of pavement to confirm the utilities below it), and locating the utilities by pulling manhole covers. In some locations, the utility location excavation will require the contractors to cut a rectangular trench in the pavement that will be covered with a metal plate when work is not being done in that location.

Work for this part of the project will be done only on weekdays after 8 a.m. and before 3 p.m. Noise is not to exceed 85 decibels.
The tentative schedule for Utility Location Excavation on Van Ness Avenue below is subject to change:

  • From Lombard Street to Broadway: Monday and Tuesday, February 23 and 24
  • From Jackson Street to Sutter Street: Tuesday and Wednesday, February 24 and 25
  • From Larch Street to Hayes Street: Wednesday and Thursday, February 25 and 26
  • Near 28 Van Ness Avenue and 30 Van Ness Avenue: Monday through Wednesday, February 23 through 25

If you have questions or concerns, please contact 415-749-2446 or