The Civic Stars Award recipient can be a property owner, resident, employee or business owner. The recipients usually represent a local business, property owner or person who has made a positive impact on the neighborhood generally, and who has, specifically, made the ambassadors’ jobs a little easier.

As representatives of the residents, merchants, employees, property owners and visitors to our area, we will thank them for their outstanding citizenship.
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Steven Kwong is the property manager of the 1212 Market Street, where the ambassadors and the clean teams have their office space, lockers and equipment. Every Day Connect works with the ambassador team in assisting homeless individuals who may need help with a small issue. A positive interaction builds rapport and trust so that if a major issue arises, people will feel comfortable going to the ambassadors or the Every Day Connect team.

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Rob Malone is the Senior Manager for the SFMTA’s Sustainable Streets Program, working on Parking. For the past two years, Thr Civic Center CBD has worked with him, and through his cooperation and support, with the MTA staff, to make several improvements and upgrades to the Civic Center Garage that has made it safer, friendlier and more efficient, which has increased parking levels. This has improved the patron experience for the arts organizations, as well as anyone who parks in the garage at night.[/one_half]


Maryanne Zadfar is the Chief Administrative Officer and Director, Human Resources, for The Absinthe Group, the largest private employer in the Civic Center/Hayes Valley area. The group owns and operates: Absinthe Brasserie & Bar, Absinthe Private Dining, Arlequin Cafe & Food-To-Go, Arlequin Wine Merchant, Boxing Room, Comstock Saloon, and their new restaurant, Bellota. She was the driving force to get the Ivy Street Project on the map, get it approved by the Planning Department and assembling a collaborative partnership that includes the CBD, local property owners, and residents.