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Breaking ground in 2016, this massive civic improvement project will bring San Francisco its first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, a much-needed and globally-proven solution to improve transit service and address traffic congestion on Van Ness Avenue, a major arterial.

To maximize the benefits of construction impacts, the project also includes:


  • Replacing more than 22,000-feet of 1800’s-era water main
  • Installing a new, seismically safe sewer system
  • Overhauling the emergency firefighting water system that supplies over 1,200 fire hydrants


  • Updating street lighting with brighter, more efficient street lights that include new sidewalk lighting
  • Beautifying Van Ness Avenue with new landscaping and rain gardens


  • Repaving Van Ness Avenue
  • Replacing the overhead contact system that powers our buses
  • Addressing safety for people walking

It will also bring upgrades to the sidewalks and wider street area for everyone who lives and works along this dynamic street to enjoy. Van Ness will undergo major upgrades to revitalize one of San Francisco’s most prominent corridors and its aging infrastructure for the next generation. That means safety improvements for all — especially pedestrians — and upgrades for the water and sewer systems, brighter and more efficient street lights, new landscaping and rain gardens, road repaving and new overhead wires for our Muni buses.

Rendered image of Muni buses driving in rec-colored transit-only lanes on Van Ness Avenue with pedestrians walking in the crosswalks. So, what is BRT? Essentially, it’s a set of street design and technology upgrades to make transit faster and more reliable. Features like center-running transit-only lanes and traffic signals that give priority for buses are all combined to make the bus transit experience feel more like rail — with much less capital investment required.

For more details and updates, check out our Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvement Project webpage. And learn more about how our city and state departments are working together on Van Ness’ massive makeover in this video from the SFGovTV series, “What’s Next SF?”.