For expedited CBD Services such cleaning, grafitti abatement, ambassador services, or non-emergency issues, please contact the CBD Dispatch at (415) 781-4700 or Send Email. They are open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, 7 days a week.

CBD Services Statistics From 2015-2016 Year

Pounds of Trash Removed

Feet of Sidewalks Steam Cleaned

Calls for Cleaning Completed

Public Safety Calls Completed

Service Descriptions

[cherry_accordion][cherry_spoiler title=”Civic Center Greeter” cherry_spoiler=”open”]

In June of 2015, the CBD started an experiment to see if we could impact safety, both real and perceived, by adding one nighttime ambassador dedicated to the entrance and elevator area of the Civic Center Parking Garage. He is on duty, Tuesday through Saturday evenings, from 6:00 to 11:00 pm. Due to its popularity, the CBD has made the greeter part of its regular ongoing services.[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”10-B Police Officer Program”]The Civic Center CBD partnered with the Central-Market CBD to employ an off-duty police officer to work in our districts part-time through the SFPD’s 10-b program. The officers work with the CCCBD Ambassadors and the CMCBD Community Guides to primarily address quality of life issues within the neighborhood and within the purview of SFPD, such as issuing citations for drinking, trespassing, permit violations, littering, and pedestrian safety infractions.[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Community Service Ambassadors”]

A Civic Center Ambassador does a wellness check to see if this person needs medical assistance.
The team of Community Service Ambassadors (CSAs) is a key element of the CBD. Their function is to assist the public with information and direct them to destinations within the area, made possible by training on local geography, area venues and businesses, transportation systems, and other useful information. The CSAs are goodwill ambassadors who assist the public in navigating the district with a welcoming and informed presence. They also play a vital role in promoting the Civic Center area as safe and friendly. They are easily visible and identifiable by their uniforms that will be unique to this district. Their presence is a deterrent to misdemeanor crime; they have a communication system to enable them to report conditions or observations of criminal activity immediately through the CBD dispatch to the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

Nighttime Service Ambassadors

CSAs work on select evenings in shifts from 6:00pm-11:00 pm. The CSAs walk throughout Zone 2, the central area of the District near the arts venues, to enhance the pedestrian experience before and after evening performances, events and meetings.[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Cleaning and Graffiti Team”]

A Clean Team member removes graffiti from a bus shelter ad.
The service provides for a uniformed maintenance worker to respond to maintenance calls to remove graffiti, wash down the sidewalk or pick up an accumulation of debris on the sidewalk. They are aided by calls by the CBD staff to the Department of Public Works (DPW) to coordinate delivery of the maintenance services that the City provides.[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Our Services Provider – MJMMG”]

The Civic Center CBD contracts with MJMMG to provide safety and cleaning services to the neighborhood. Founded in San Francisco in 1991 by Mary J. McCue, MJMMG specializes in activating public spaces that are safe, inclusive, inviting and sustainable. All staff receive extensive training before they are deployed and receive regular training each month.

MJMMG works with local organizations such as SF SAFE, Project Homeless Connect, the Police Department and other agencies to teach techniques on de-escalation of potentially violent events, the warning signs of mental heath issues, and all public safety protocols such as missing children alerts.

They are also equipped with what they need to safely remove used needles and other bio-hazards. The anti-graffiti team has agreements in place with property owners to tackle graffiti by using paint matching were possible, or special handling for historic properties, especially important in the Civic Center.[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Other Services”]

The Civic Center Community Benefit District creates and manages programs that best respond to the top priorities of the Civic Center CBD stakeholders. Each program is managed by one of the CBD’s committees. For Program descriptions, click here, [/cherry_spoiler][/cherry_accordion]