The Inspiration Behind Our New Logo

Not only did the Civic Center Community Benefit District unveil a new site designed by local company BrickSF, but we have a new logo as well, one that connects to a specific pattern within Civic Center — one you’ve likely seen before, even if you can’t quite place it.

Designed by San Francisco company VehicleSF, the new radiant logo is “inspired by the floor patterns at City Hall, the dynamic lines radiating from these two concentric ‘C’s suggest the vibrancy of a neighborhood located in the center of the city. The multiple shapes emanating from the center suggest public gathering space. The form is open, welcoming and modern.”


The two intertwined C’s also bring together the recognizable Civic Center Community Benefit District orange with a wider array of colors to reflect our dynamic organization. The new CCCBD brand also incorporates the Civic Center Initiative, pulling in its former echoing C design.

Make sure to look for the pattern that inspired it the next time you visit City Hall.