Get Involved

Interested in getting involved? We are seeking partners to assist with programming, art installations, social service partnerships, community engagement, funding, and other aspects of the Initiative. For more information, please contact the Civic Center Initiative Project Manager, Julie Flynn at or 415-575-9057 (Planning Department) or the Initiative’s Director, Amy Cohen at or 415-554-6649 (Office of Economic and Workforce Development). If you are interested in sponsoring events at Civic Center Initiative and would like assistance from our partners, please contact the Civic Center Initiative Programming Manager Marlo Sandler at or 415-658-7979 (Civic Center Community Benefit District).

Public Realm Plan & CCI Action Plan

The Civic Center Public Realm Plan is a process that is now underway and will create a long-term vision for improvements to Civic Center’s plazas, streets, and other public spaces. The plan will build on the Civic Center Initiative’s current efforts and major new investments such as the Bi-Rite Cafe and Helen Diller Civic Center Playgrounds, which are building momentum for the plan’s future capital investment and sustainable management plan.

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Click here to download the 2018-19 Civic Center Initiative Action Plan.
Click here to download a 1-page overview of the Initiative.
We’ve also created a brief 2019 Updated Work Plan handout, which you can download here.