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Civic Center Soundtrack Concert Series

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, noon-3pm

Civic Center Soundtrack, a free concert series by Illuminate, takes place at Fulton Plaza, between San Francisco Main Library and the Asian Art Museum.

The diverse musical performances will be held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from noon to 3 p.m. The full lineup can be found here and below; be sure to stop by for a free concert in San Francisco’s premier arts and culture district!

Tuesday, February 13
Noon The Season of Us
1:00 PM Donovan Plant
2:00 PM Rebecca Chapa
Thursday, February 15
Noon Don Shearer
1:00 PM JW Blunt
2:00 PM Bite (Acoustic)
Friday, February 16
Noon XtinaM
1:00 PM Young Sun
2:00 PM Manos Lindas
Tuesday, February 20
Noon Ants
1:00 PM Howard Simon
2:00 PM Stephanie Woodford Duo
Thursday, February 22
Noon Little Oil
1:00 PM 3 Flower Jam
2:00 PM Ida & Isidor
Friday, February 23
Noon Essie Thomas
1:00 PM Lost Cost
2:00 PM Jerome Porter
Tuesday, February 27
Noon Dan Dectis
1:00 PM Matt Jaffe
2:00 PM Young and Up Too Late
Thursday, February 29
Noon Bloomagoo
1:00 PM Joe Burke
2:00 PM Ben Lang
Friday, March 1
Noon Pete Kronowitt
1:00 PM Merle Badges
2:00 PM Matt Langlois

The six- month music series is part of a larger effort by City and community agencies to enliven Fulton Plaza. Illuminate will also  install a massive koi mural by artist Jeremy Novy by the end of February. Later this spring, a programmable LED installation by artist Josh Huber will be hung above the plaza the roofs of the Asian Art Museum and the Main Library.

The Civic Center Community Benefit District, San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, Urban Alchemy, San Francisco Public Library, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco Parks Alliance, Illuminate and recreation providers, is transforming United Nations Plaza and the surrounding Civic Center area by activating these public spaces with an array of recreational offerings and amenities.