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Entwined at UN Plaza


Elements of the popular Entwined Meadow, from artist Charles Gadeken’s illuminated installation, are now greeting visitors to UN Plaza with changing light and color.

Originally installed in Golden Gate Park from 2020 through 2023, nine shrubs from this installation — standing 4.5 to 5 feet high — are now found in UN Plaza. San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department notes, “Visitors can control the light radiating from each individual shrub from their smartphones as they stroll through the dynamic exhibit, which is designed to build a sense of magic and wonder. The lighting effects are inspired by nature. Raindrops, lightning, thunderstorms, windblown grass and leaves, and ripples on a pond are translated through color and duration.”

To control the shrub colors and radiation of light, look for the QR code at the various shrubs. Once scanned, the control panel for that shrub will pop up on your phone, allowing you to add your creative elements to the piece!

Happening nightly, free.