Shopping Local: The Heart of the City Farmers’ Market

A recent article in the San Francisco Examiner takes a look and what you can find at this wonderful farmers’ market, in operation since 1981. “Asparagus, cherries, avocados, berries, leafy greens, herbs,”berries, leafy greens, herbs” Steve Pulliam, Director of the HOTC Farmers’ Market, lists off the fresh, colorful spring produce shoppers
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UN Plaza Dog Run Named Among Best Place For Dogs in SF

The San Francisco Standard released their roundup of best places for City dog to stretch their legs off leash, and included the new UN Plaza Dog Run, conveniently located adjacent to the Arsicault Bakery — so their human companion can buy a croissant. Read the full list here.

UN Plaza Dog Run Coming 2021

A new UN Plaza Dog Run will be installed adjacent to famed Arsicault Bakery this fall, offering much needed space for dogs to stretch their legs and enjoy some time off-leash. Please keep an eye on our site and social media accounts for updates. Learn more about sponsoring the Dog
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Shared Spaces: Design Info and More

For businesses interested in the Shared Spaces program, which allows for use of sidewalks, streets and open lots through a free permit process, please note design guidelines for Shared Spaces with specific requirements called out around fire safety, sight lines, drainage, airflow, accessibility and portability. More information on Shared Spaces,
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$10 million playgrounds give downtown SF kids a safe place to frolic

“It sure looks nice and, with any luck and with at least four guards on duty around the clock, it might even stay that way. That’s what the customers and their parents were saying about the brand new playground in front of San Francisco City Hall, which underwent its first
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